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          Production of powder equipment

          • Vehicle traveling data recorder
          • Vehicle traveling data recorder
          • Vehicle traveling data recorder
          Vehicle traveling data recorderVehicle traveling data recorderVehicle traveling data recorder

          Vehicle traveling data recorder

          • Product ID:1060991967
          • Shooting Angle: 130 degrees
          • Video pixel:1920*1080
          • Shelf time:2013-12-20 13:09:30
          • Product description: Vehicle traveling data recorder White love version of WDR wide dynamic
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          Furnace temperature from 1400 ℃ to 2500 ℃, improving the structure of the furnace tube assembly can be replaced rapidly furnace tube; Infrared temperature measurement and control, a variety of way of pushing the boat, optional automatic device into the boat, the boat (a handling multiple boat), choose with automatic can prevent air enters the furnace to a large number of air curtain door, more safe and beneficial to improve the life of furnace tube. In order to meet user demand for power grid balance, can provide three single-phase transformer phase transition. This furnace is suitable for the production of coarse tungsten carbide powder, lower equipment cost.

          Working Temp
          Dia. of tube
          Capacity for WC
          L * W * H
          MT-90 2300 C° 90mm 45KVA ~10 kg/h ~1200kg 3*1.0*1.6
          MTF-126 2300 C° 126mm 100KVA ~20 kg/h ~2000kg 4.5*1.2*2
          MTF-162 2300 C° 162mm 145KVA ~30 kg/h ~2500kg 5*1.4*2.2

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